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Cure for Kidney Stones As a life long sufferer of Kidney Stones I can state I have tried every method of curing them. Nothing has ever worked for me other than drinking lots of liquids and suffering for days at a time. That is until I read about Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder. I was taking powerful painkillers (Mainly to fall asleep) and taking lots of hot baths (The only relief). Within 10 days of taking Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder (According to the directions) all of my Kidney Stone pain subsided. I simply thought I had finally passed the stone. And two weeks later I passed the rather large stone! That is right, Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder completely stopped the pain in 10 days. It is nothing short of a miracle drug and I have recommended it to all of my friends. For the price of one doctors visit (Without buying the prescribed medication) you can be pain free. Cheap, easy to get, why aren't you ordering?!

Kidney Stone Flush I have been taking Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder 'a kidney stone flush' now for about eight (8) years. Prior to using Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder for my kidney stones problem, I had five attacks in 5 years and had to be hospitalized. The stone(s) were broken using lithotripsy. Since taking Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder I had three attacks in five years. The stones I passed were very small granules, but even with that one knows' passing a stone is no fun. With the help of Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder the stones I passed caused minuscule pain, without having to be hospitalized. Once the stone attack came the stone and pain did not linger, they were passed and usually in a few hours. The last dozen visits with my urologist the scan displayed no stones in both kidneys.

So glad I tried this product--it worked fast on my kidney stone!! In July 2010 I got diagnosed with a 4mm-sized kidney stone (my first) that the urologist measured with CAT scan results. My wife quickly got on the internet to research natural remedies and found Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder. The herbs in this formula all work together to dissolve kidney stones, and it works fast.
Two and a half weeks later I had an x-ray (granted x-rays are not as clear as CAT scans but they aren't useless either), and the urologist couldn't find anything! All he could say is that since I'm a big guy, the x-ray wasn't working as well. (Yeah, right.) I've been passing gravel (broken pieces) ever since taking this product and had some pain, but nothing long-lasting. After about a minute of sharp pain, the pain goes away and then 6-7 days later, I pass gravel.
I think that since the stone is being broken up into pieces I'll probably have to put up with a longer healing time than if I passed one large kidney stone all at once, but I'll take this longer process over the excruciating pain any day!!! I've heard it's the worst pain ever, and thanks to this product I doubt I'll have to go through that. Just keep drinking tons of water & juice and taking this product daily. And be sure to put lots of lemon juice in your water to make your body more alkaline because that helps with your kidney stone, too. (Weird how something acidic can make your body alkaline, but it's true.)
Sorry for the nitty-gritty details, but I just think you ought to know what to expect because this is not a fun experience. But this product makes it MUCH more tolerable. I HIGHLY recommend it.

I was a skeptic, no longer.... I have suffered from kidney stones for several years now. I researched for many months for a good kidney stone remedy and found out about Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder. At first I was very sceptical. It took a good 4 months before I even bought the product. I was unfortunately able to test out the product as a week after I bought Herbal Kidney Stone Remedial Powder I had a kidney stone. I took this product and within 10 days the kidney had been flushed out. Since then I have taken this product every single day and have yet to have another kidney stone. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who suffers from kidney stones. I am a very sceptical person, and I recommend you do your due diligence before you buy. But once you have, i'm pretty sure that you will buy this product.

Natural Treatment for Kidney Stones My husband uses this product since he had kidney stones 2 years ago. He feels it helps to prevent the stones as it was very painful. This is a definite preventative measure. A bit pricey, but we think it does work.

A Super Product This is a very wonderful product. I have been taking it for many years and always suggest it to family and friends that are dealing with kidney stones.


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