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How does it work

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How does it work

There are four types of kidney stones, Calcium Oxalates, Uric Acid, Struvite and Cystine. 60% to 70% of the kidney stones patients are of Calcium Oxalates.

The herbs present in the Remedial Powder Targets Calcium Oxalates, Uric Acid, Struvite & Cystine. Thus They Dissolve in the urine. Also Due to the high water intake which has to be taken along with the herbal kidney stone remedial powder the process is speeded and results are achieved faster.

In certain cases we have even noticed that within 4-5 days of consumption of this Remedial Powder the Stones are even flushed out along with the urine.

The ingredients and herbs used are 100% natural thus they have 0 side effects and it also Rejuvenates the body.

The following are the timeline view for the kidney stone dissolving process that is generally observed. Carefully Look at the size of the stone reducing.


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